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Why Home Care?

As our population ages, there is a growing demand for health care services in the home. Most seniors, when able, prefer the comforts of their familiar surroundings. Home care was the earliest method of care for an aging member of one’s family, as organized senior care services are a fairly recent development. Today, in America, we’re seeing a return to this traditional setting, with the benefits of mobile health and companion care. Here are some reasons why:

  • The emotional needs of seniors are usually best met in the home, with no uneasy transition to an unfamiliar setting.
  • Seniors remain near family and friends.
  • Evidence suggests that healing and heath are improved in the less-stressful home environment.
  • Seniors and families are more involved and invested in the care delivered.
  • Companion care is delivered by trained, patient caregivers who provide care in a setting less stressful than the alternatives.
  • Companion care is usually less costly than other settings.
  • Companion care ensures the maximum amount of independence.
  • Home care can delay institutional care, or prevent it altogether.
  • Seniors and families who have employed companion care report a very high satisfaction level.
If you're considering home care in the Cary, Raleigh, and Apex area of NC, take our Living Well at Home Self-Assessment to the left to see what level of care you need.