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Aware Senior Care Tutorials

In keeping with our mission to be an educational and consultative resource to our community we will post educational videos and tutorials to help our clients and partners support the seniors and chronically ill in our great community. Feel free to pass on to your friends, family and colleagues. Let us know if this is helpful by giving us feedback here.

Setting up a Twitter account

The basics of setting up your account, step by step.

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The Fundamentals of Twitter

This video will show you the interface of a completed account, how to connect with others, what following/followers mean, and how to effectively interact with others to maximize your message's presence.

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Understanding Hashtags

This video covers the purpose of hashtags, what they are specifically, and how you can use them to communicate information on a particular topic.

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How to use TweetChat.com to contribute to a Twitter Chat

This video will demonstrate how to use TweetChat.com to participate in a Twitter chat, so that you can contribute the conversation!

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