Deciding on Home Care Guide


You are here for a reason. You may feel a person you love needs assistance to live safely at home. It could be Mom or Dad is about to be discharged from Rehab or a Hospital and you are worried they need some short term help to get back on their feet.

It may be Mom and/or Dad are in a facility and you would be more comfortable with a little outside help from a home care agency. Follow that instinct. Before you leave our site take some action. Be proactive.

Your action may not only help your loved one live well at home, but may also prevent an unfortunate incident that may inhibit your loved one's ability to continue to stay at home.

We created this page to help you take action at the speed you are comfortable with. This page is a launching point for you to explore information that will help you understand home care and arrive at a decision about how to take action. The sections below provide launching points for you to dig into any area on which you would like more information.

Again, our advice is to take action. We guarantee this information will empower you by helping you to become more informed about home care.

A Holistic Approach to Providing Home Care Services

What separates Aware Senior Care from other agencies is our belief in taking a holistic approach with every client by considering the whole person, not just the services we can provide them. If we are not the best fit for your needs, we will tell you. If we feel other services can help, we will recommend them. In the end, it’s about making sure your needs are met.

Gina Murray, Aware Senior Care co-founder and RN, wrote a blog about our holistic approach to home care and how we go about it. Please take the time to read it. If you are not yet convinced you have made a good decision to work with us, you will after reading the blog!

Thank You from the Aware Senior Care Team!

A Holistic Approach to Providing Home Care Services, Gina Murray RN BSN Aware Senior Care Director and Co-founder