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AskAware Chat The Importance of Medication Management

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AskAware Chat The Importance of Medication Management

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Background on #AskAware and 'The Importance of Medication Management.

Aware Senior Care co-hosted its first #AskAware Twitter chat with Steve Adkins, owner of Health Park Pharmacy in Raleigh, NC. The Twitter chat #AskAware aims to educate and provide support to people struggling to navigate the often complicated and stressful role of caring for a loved one.  

The purpose of this discussion was to give our audience medication management tips to prevent costly hospital visits, to ensure their loved one consistently takes their medications as prescribed, and how to work with a pharmacy to save time and money.

Q1) How can a pharmacy help my loved one maintain independence?

Maintaining independence is difficult, if not impossible, for a senior if they are unable to take their medications consistently. 

Steve reveals a startling fact about medication mismanagement:

Q3) I'm being told by my insurance that I have to mail order to another state: would using a local option be more expensive?