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 How We Work with Home Care Pulse to Ensure Quality for Clients and Caregivers

How We Work with Home Care Pulse to Ensure Quality for Clients and Caregivers

We want the best for our clients, families, and caregivers. We help seniors live well and thrive at home by finding and training caregivers with the heart and professionalism for great care.

Our caregivers are the foundation of our business and their needs are extremely important. It is our job to do well not only by our seniors and their families, but also by our caregivers.

We hold ourselves accountable and we have very high standards for our caregivers and staff. But we also recognize what an asset unbiased reporting from a third party is. Having an honest assessment of how we are doing as a company every month helps us get a better picture where we are thriving and where we can improve.

By actively measuring our performance and client satisfaction, the data we receive by working with Home Care Pulse allows us to set the standard for home care in North Carolina.

Home Care Pulse: Quality Management for Home Care Services

Home Care Pulse is an independent satisfaction research firm that partners with home care agencies. Their main focus is to help companies like Aware provide the best quality of care possible.

Agencies pay a monthly fee that scales depending on the number of clients/caregivers the company serves/employs. Clients and caregivers are surveyed on a monthly basis to get detailed information on their level of satisfaction.We do our best to make sure clients and their families are satisfied with their level of care. But even with consistent RN visits, reassessments, and staff phone calls, the client may have additional wants or needs left unaddressed or may request changes.

Home Care Pulse helps fill in these gaps by gathering information from current clients with monthly surveys. But the elderly clients aren’t the only ones getting surveyed. 

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Turnover rates in the home care industry saw an increase of 26% in the past decade. Additionally, as the Baby Boomers age and given their sheer numbers as a generation, the demand for caregivers will also dramatically increase.

High turnover and a scarcity of qualified, professional caregivers can spell disaster for an agency if they are unable to fulfill the needs of their clients.

Replacing caregivers isn’t just a matter of screening applications and scheduling shifts, either. Finding a quality professional caregiver means investing time and money into recruiting and shifting focus away from training active caregivers on staff.

New employees require an adjustment period to get a sense of their job responsibilities and the high professional standards demanded of them.

A high turnover rate can also present difficulties with a caregiver’s daily schedule and a revolving door of caregivers can stifle any positive inroads made with clients, potential clients, and potential employees.

This is why it is important that we as a company know how caregivers feel about their work environment. Our caregivers give monthly feedback to Home Care Pulse (much like our clients) and they also have the option to remain anonymous.

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Caregivers that enjoy their work provide better care. Receiving and listening to their feedback, particularly when a third party gives them an opportunity to speak freely, plays a vital role in the Aware concept of the “The Caring Triangle”:

It’s difficult to make an employee feel valued unless they feel they’re heard and understood. When caregivers are happier, the client and their families are happier, too.

Home Care Pulse gives us an opportunity to get an unbiased assessment of how our clients and caregivers feel about their situation and make informed decisions.

How Satisfaction Ratings are Collected - Reports for Home Care Businesses

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Home Care Pulse gathers data conducted from surveys each month and creates individual reports that help us determine what needs to be done in order to make improvements. We also receive constructive feedback on issues that some might otherwise feel uncomfortable with sharing with us directly.

Requirements for each Best of Home Care award can be measured and tracked as well. A care agency can earn Best of Home Care Awards in multiple categories, although the top award, Leader in Excellence, requires winning the Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice in the same year.

Final survey results are tallied in January and a total score is given. Based on your scores and how well you performed in comparison to your local competitors, an excellent performance increases your chances to receive an award for being one of the top rated home care agencies in the country.

Aware Senior Care - Best of Home Care Award Wins 2017-2019

Why Should These Achievements Mean Something to You?

A word from Tim Murray, CEO of Aware Senior Care

I have a tendency to shy away from people who like to call attention to themselves and their accomplishments.  Here at Aware one of our mantras is action. Do what you believe in, do a great job and everything will take care of itself.

However, the purpose of this Blog and background on Home Care Pulse is only to give readers background and an understanding of the significance of achieving these awards in the context of making a big decision on choosing a home care agency. The results are what professionals in the sales world call “proof points.”

The achievement of sweeping the 2019 Best of Home Care Pulse awards is unbiased and industry-validated proof of excellent home care services. 

Not just for a single year, but for a sustained period of time. 

This is what families usually list as their top goals in choosing the right home care agency – loving and great quality care services delivered by loving, caring and professional caregivers consistently done well. 

When you are choosing home care, look for agencies that have distinguished themselves with proven and consistent reviews from families and independent home care survey companies like and 

The chances of choosing well are higher if you pick from the top rated home care agencies. Good luck and please call us we can help! We feel tremendous joy when clients find the services that fit their needs, whether we provide the care or not – from the staff of Aware Senior Care.
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