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Downsizing, dream homes in retirement

Downsizing, dream homes in retirement

Ellen James Martin (jamesmartin(AT)gmail.com) wrote a very interesting and insightful article in the N&O on July 8, 2017 called

“Downsizing, dream homes in retirement” (Same article on different site).

The biggest piece of advice on this topic is “Plan Ahead." I couldn’t agree more.   

I feel we all should make a “Life Plan” that addresses how we desire to live life as we hit the sixty and seventy year old range.  Gina and I have already taken one temporary step in downsizing as we sold our large house in Cary in 2010 and settled into a nice small town home in Lochmere in Cary.  It’s easy to maintain and it's half the size.  But, it’s a waypoint in our journey.  We are already forming our plan for where we want to retire.

This article brings up good things to consider when moving and downsizing.  One of the key points I really liked is if you are a couple, you need to acknowledge the validity of each other’s preferences and develop a list of move requirements you both can agree upon.

The other key point in the article is about choosing where to live?  That also should be on the top of the list.  I’d like to expand on this point to include how you will use the house?  Will you use the house primarily for the two of you or will family come often?  If they do, how many rooms do you need to have available?  Good question.  Also, the 'where' usually includes where the grandkids are?  Probably the number one influencer in a senior move is to be close to the kids and grandkids.

Finally, seek the advice and help from your Realtor and/or Senior Relocation Specialist.  I’ve blogged about how helpful a senior move manager was for my mother Emily as she moved and downsized.  Develop a draft of your plan and review it with your relocation support team.  I’m sure they will bring up things you may have not considered besides having good practical experience helping families downsize and move.

I enjoyed this article.  It has good things to consider when you form your retirement plan which will address where you will retire.


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