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AskAware Aging Alone

AskAware Carol Marak

AskAware Aging Alone

Potential Questions for #AskAware: "Aging Alone"

Editor's note: The stages referenced below are each of the five stages of aging

Stage One - Self-sufficiency 

What types of planning should be executed at this time? 

List ways a person can stay independent and healthy as they grow older?

What are some ways an aging person can stay healthy even if they have a chronic condition?

Stage Two - Interdependence 

What are the signs of losing independence?

What steps should one take to stay safe at home?

What community organizations can adults call for help?

Stage Three - Dependency 

Who should be involved in the network of care and support?

What are the biggest threats during this stage? 

How can people remain active and social during this stage? 

Stage Four - Crisis Management

What losses do older adults face at this time?

What can people do to better manage multiple chronic conditions?

Stage Five - End of life

What are the signs that end of life is near?

How can family prepare for stage five?