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Caregiving for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Chronic Disabilities

crying woman stressed out

Nobody Believes Me

What do you do when a loved one with Alzheimer's lives in a skewed reality with a mind that no longer functions? When those who would normally support you are suspicious/distant because of it? Guest blogger Sandra Savell explains her personal struggle with such a situation.

Tim Murray and senior gentleman

Tips to Provide Better In-Home Care

If you’ve chosen in-home care for an elderly member of your family, allowing them to age in place, then you already know that in-home care has many advantages. At the same time, the ageing of a loved one, and the provision of care it involves can be quite stressful. With a little knowledge and planning, some of this stress can be relieved.

Christmas with Alzheimer's

When Christmas Cheer Becomes Christmas Fear

Sandra Savell, author of "Dear Clueless: A Daughter's Journey Through Alzheimer's Caregiving", recalls her last three Christmases with her mother and offers advice on how to make the holiday more enjoyable for those going through such a situation.