Questions to ask your potential Home Care Agency

Through our own experiences in reviewing home care agencies AND after two years of working with families, we’ve assembled a solid set of questions you can use to evaluate home care agencies. What we really enjoy during conversations with families is when a family member or potential client talking to us about home care says “Let me tell you what is important to me”. We just enjoy this so much because it allows us to cut right to the chase and discuss how we can meet the requirements of our potential family. We highly recommend you discuss this directly with the home care agency and gauge both how they answer and in the case they don’t have an immediate answer, how rapidly is the follow up?

  • How will you work with us to develop a consistent caregiving schedule with consistent caregivers?
  • We really want reliable caregivers. What do you do to screen and train caregivers?
  • When a new caregiver is assigned, do you introduce this new caregiver to us before he or she starts?
  • Do you randomly drug test your caregivers?
  • Do you guarantee your home care services?
  • How much and how do you charge for your services? Can you provide for both short term and long term visits? Do you provide live-in services?
  • Are you rated by an outside professional home care rating service?
  • Can you provide us with at least four family references?
  • Are assessments only done by registered nurses?
  • Can you provide four medical (MD) references for your nurses?
  • Do the owners of the agency have a long history in the geriatric care industry?
  • Can I speak directly to the owners of the agency?
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