Date: 29-Apr-2019


The Association for Hospice and Home Care of NC - 47th Annual Convention and Expo
Workshop: C2 - Tips and Techniques to Motivate Your Healthcare Staff
future of healthcare workshop 2019
When: Monday April 29 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Workshop C2
Where: Raleigh Convention Center
Speaker: Tim Murray CEO of Aware Senior Care

Getting employee buy-in to what you are trying to achieve as an organization is the most crucial element of running a successful company. Getting buy-in is also directly related or dependent upon employee motivation. If they are bought in, you don’t need to do any convincing or cheer-leading, they will do that themselves. Your job then becomes being the facilitator and barrier-remover. During this presentation, participants will learn that motivation starts with having the right people in the right roles with clearly defined measurements and responsibilities; that getting buy-in starts
with YOU; and that setting SMART goals can deliver results.