Date: 29-Mar-2019


Live Well at Home - March 29th from 9:30-10:30 AM

Seminar that is focused on tips and advice for seniors, the chronically ill or disabled to live well and safely at home with a little help.  Given by Tim Murray and Gina Murray (RN) owners of Aware Senior Care.

We all hope to age gracefully, living independently in our homes as long as we can. When a loved one struggles with health issues, memory loss or simply maintaining the household, it places a strain on the entire family.  Many will need additional assistance to continue live at home, safely and productively.  For some, maybe a move to a community makes sense. Should you stay at home or move?  Come and learn about how to assess your ability to live at home, questions to ask yourself to evaluate if a move to a community makes sense and finally, learn about the great resources in our Raleigh and Cary community that can help you!

  • Topics we will cover:
  1. Discuss setting goals and determining how you want to spend your days?
  2. Self-assessing your ability to care for yourself and the steps you should take if you need help.
  3. Is your home the right place for you? What questions should you ask and if leaving home seems right, what are your options?
  4. How to build your care team - great community resources in Raleigh whether you live in your home or move to a community